Dethalbum II has made this video obsolete! But it was so much fun why not keep it up, especially for those who like the televised audio better than the commercial release. Thanks for all the views and for sharing your opinions on the incredible music and humor of Metalocalypse season 2!

I Tamper with the Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin (00:00-00:59)[s02e02]
Symmetry (00:59-02:28)[s02e05]
Bloodlines (02:28-03:54)[s02e09]
Impeach God (03:54-05:48)[s02e10]
The Gears (05:48-07:37)[s02e14)
Burn the Earth (07:37-08:53)[s02e03]
Deth Support (08:53-10:41)[s02e12]

All songs by Brendan Small and DethkloK, used without permission but without profit and solely to promote the band and show, and for the enjoyment of the fans.

This comp is based on how I liked the fragments of songs from the show, NOT the finished album. The Gears would be #1 if it were the latter. YES, I hear you, Laser Cannon Death Sentence (Dethecution) is a good song too, I just would put it at #8. My list, my favorites, if uToob had a 15 min limit Dethecution would be on here. And I think '..Odin (Draw Your Sword)' and 'Symmetry' (Walk')are underrated.

Song's not included: "Laser Rocket Death Sentence" "Volcano", "Life Sentence", "Dethrace", "Cokblocked", and "Comet Song" (from PRKlok). Non-Dethklok songs - "Everything's Hards for Toki", Dr. Rockzo's "Goodbye Snowy Road", and the new Murderface/Toki collaboration "Takin' it Easy". The "Snakes & Barrels II" episode didn't have a new song. "Dethrekord" had an instrumental riff and a Skwisgaar solo only. The finale' "Dethrelease" featured "Black Fire Upon Us" had a new song too, and it seems well-liked, but I still feel that I like these seven songs better.

Title Views / likes Duration
Dethklok Dethalbum II  -  51:24 307826 / 1606 51:24
Dethklok-The Dethalbum Deluxe Edition + Bonus CD Full Album HD  -  01:12 596517 / 4855 01:12
Brendon Small "Thunderhorse"  -  03:30 888673 / 7311 03:30
Dethklok - Murmaider II:The Water God  -  05:45 84431 / 396 05:45
Metalocalypse Season 4 Songs  -  06:17 9308 / 52 06:17
Dethklok - Go Into The Water [FULL VIDEO CLIP]  -  07:55 1218623 / 7007 07:55
Metalocalypse - Pickles Rehab Song HQ [ReMastered] + Skyhunter  -  12:47 50027 / 598 12:47
Dethklok- Awaken (MustaKrakish) {FULL OFFICAL MUSIC VIDEO}  -  03:34 2102802 / 14133 03:34
Thunderhorse  -  02:49 838375 / 3443 02:49
Dethklok - Murder Train A Comin' [Album Version]  -  06:05 421141 / 1959 06:05