Velvetine - The Great Divine (Seven Lions Remix) with Visualizer

A remix by my favorite artist Seven Lions of Velvetine's 'The Great Divine'.

I don't make the videos for any gains. The video is an experience I'd like to share with people.
Audiosurf still remains my favorite hypnotizing and visualizing experience, even 5 years after its release.

For more of the same amazing sound, I'd suggest visiting MrSuicideSheep's channel and support Seven Lions on iTunes!

The footage was recorded with Fraps and the final result was... well.. 12.2 gigabytes for this video. Sadly, it is compressed with premiere pro to take advantage of youtube, but there is quite the quality compromise. For the best experience, I suggest buying Audiosurf on Steam or other platforms. It's a great game!

Enjoy this amazing mix!