Dreamtale - Greenback Hunter - polskie tłumaczenie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqWkdXS-2DY : Opowiadanie fana metalu, a w szczególności ,,Rhapsody of Fire”. Inspirowane takimi utworami jak ,,The Dark Tower Of The Abyss”, ,,The Seven Angels” i ,,The Demon’s Whip”. Czytane przez mojego przyjaciela.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

So you think that you're a God
Now that you've got balls
And you stalk the shares for the opportunity
Oh, you know that it waits for you one day
Just pray...
Bulls and bears are in your mind
And you feel delight when you guessed it right
With your gold derivatives
Oh, maybe you will never lose again?
Just wait...

Hey, what's the time in New York?

There is so much more to gain
I just cannot walk away
A moth to a flame
I am drawn to the prize I crave
It's a fever that won't break
A fool's parade
The greenback hunter's game

In the middle of the night
You re-check the price
And you set the goals for another long rush
Oh, you know that it's just one click away
Read and analyze the news
So that you can choose
Or refuse to play one day, keep it safe
Oh, you don't want to waste another rise