My most BRUTAL day ever!!! ( Dethalum II review )

Go to this youtube channle to listen to Dethalbum II - DethklokMusic (they also have MUSIC VIDEOS!!!)

My full written review for Dethalbum II:

Norad6's Review:

This album is pretty much proof that Dethklok is evolving into a real band. Not as gimmicky and a lot better vocals. Not as catchy as the previous album's songs but some stick out (Bloodlines, Murmaider II, , and The Gears). Dethalbum II isn't just brutal, it's "baptized in the blood of infants" brutal. Brendon Small has done it again with this one. Taking what worked with the first Dethalbum and improving on what didn't. I can't really say anything bad about any of the tracks or the content.

The album itself contains 12 tracks and 3 of which are original songs that were not featured in the show (and it shows because they tend to be the better sounding songs for some reason).The deluxe version of Dethalbum II comes with a DVD featuring 52 minutes of music videos from the 2008 live tour (14 video in all).

For those who complained about the vocals in the first album being low growling noises to the point you can't understand anything, you can't use that as an excuse to hate on this album. Small has seemingly perfected the vocals and added his own twist where the singing is high pitched to straight up screaming at very intelligent positions. "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" is a perfect example of this where you recognise the song and it sounds the same as it did in the show, but with some differences in vocals that are ultimatly making it sound a lot better than the original.

The drum tracks by Gene Holgan (formally of Strapping Young Lad) are blistering and as mind F'ing as ever! The double-bass is crazy if you have a good stereo (It will literally make you pi ss yourself)!

If you are a true Metal fan, do yourself a favor and pick this up. By the time you get to the end, your skull would have exploded from the sheer awesomeness that this album beats into your brain.


A - This is what metal is all about! Buy the deluxe edition with the music videos if you can find it.

Recommended tracks (no particular order):

The Gears
Laser Cannon Death Sentence
Black Fire Upon Us
Murmaider II: The Water God

Title Views / likes Duration
Laser Cannon Deth Sentence (Dethklok Cover)  -  04:36 35762 / 333 04:36
Dethklok - Laser Cannon Deth Sentence  -  04:37 1706701 / 9093 04:37
Dethalbum II Review  -  02:07 489 / 6 02:07
"Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" by Dethklok (lyrics)  -  04:40 7586 / 33 04:40
11/17/09 Dethklok Live Part 1  -  00:07 133312 / 428 00:07
Dethklok- Awaken (MustaKrakish) {FULL OFFICAL MUSIC VIDEO}  -  03:34 2099195 / 14111 03:34
BRuTaL MeTaL DethKloK  -  04:25 890 / 12 04:25
Gene Hoglan ; The Atomic Clock  -  02:03 766781 / 1881 02:03
Dethklok - Laser Cannon Death Sentence - Guitar Hero 5 DLC Expert Guitar 100%  -  04:56 52059 / 297 04:56
DethKlok Some Time Ago & The Duel  -  06:01 214892 / 1749 06:01