DJ Khaled - I Feel Like Pac, I Feel Like Biggie (Remix) - J Buzzi

J Buzzi flips DJ Khaled's new single which features Meek Mill, T.I., Swiss Beats, P. Diddy, and Rick Ross.
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Shoutout to The Beat Bully for the instrumental and Joey Jay for the artwork.
Engineered by Stephen Marro

I feel like PAC, I feel like biggie, used to run the block now I run my whole city/ better yet my state too/ and I grind so hard that I find no bars that you could escape thru/ and I'm really go in forgive all my sins lord I'm hate proof/ and I feel like 8' 2 when I stand on top of my work, I'm far from the earth- I'm upper echelon/ all these people paparazzi, and I'm sipping what Kanye's on/ never been patient, only been hated/ Not far from greatness/ if you really want it, go and get your cash right/ goin way too hard like tonight's gone be my last night/ wheels go skrrr like I'm blowing on a bagpipe/ I swear I was a king in the middle of my last life/ y'all really just some peons, y'all ain't really on what we on/ y'all are just so quiet like shit with the IT gone. (Sh)/ but still I kill em all with word play/ it's really just an L if you ain't the one in first place/ and I'm reppin for my birthplace, life is a bitch, and this right here our first date, gonna cause an earthquake/ man I'm going hammer, watch em all run from me/ chasing after carrots, got me feelin like I'm bugs bunny/ spent no minutes sleeping, but a couple hours dreamin/ get a little fame, and watch just how they treat ya/ man everything seems different, cash changes attitudes/ moving on up like I'm tryna change my latitude/ ugh/ and if you real then you get it/ time is of the essence so I'm chasing after minutes/ I'm fallin for this music, starting to abuse it/ I spent all of my cash just so I can use it/ I think I am addicted, at least u get to witness/ music is my life, I'm just another victim/