Different Maps by David Lukas Kuhn (original song, Loft Live Series)

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"Different Maps" by David Lukas Kuhn, lyrics:

Once we walked in the same direction
Every step for our own protection
Our hands held tight with the stars above
Every night was a tale of love

Through the years we made it last
The best of times went by so far
But every change tried to knock us down
'Til our remains lay on the ground
Waiting to be found

Love and war, both a strange vocation
Different maps for the same location
If where you are isn't where you should be
Get out now or be a casualty

Cause soon we're gone, and who knows when
the path we're on might cross again
Along the way is an equal found
if our remains lay in the ground
waiting to be found?

I thought you'd change your mind but you still believe
In everything you'll find in front of me
I thought you'd change my life, but it's up to me
...to find my way

Heaven loves everyone as equal
Not some man who only speaks in sequels
If you seen them once, you've heard it all
So just spread love
Never fear the fall

Cause soon we're gone, and who knows what
Is waiting on we fear so much?
Can just a name really bring you down
If you remains end up in the ground
waiting to be found?