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Spongebob wants to join an exclusive club.

NOTICE: PERSONS attempting to find a motive in this edit will be prosecuted; persons attempting to make sense of it will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find continuity in it will be shot.

List of New Clips: Song at Beginning: "Fuck You" by Wesley Willis
"Porch monkey": The Boondocks, episode "The 'S' Word"
"There's poo in there": Zack and Miri make a Porno
"Gayest of the gay fish": "Gay Fish" by South Park
"That's the nastiest shit I've ever heard": "Beware the Easter Nigga, Charlie Brown"
"Jizz mopper": Clerks
Explosion: Family Guy, episode "Quagmire's Baby"
"That idea is totally gay!": "A Serious Business Meeting"
"Gonorrhea": Easter Nigga
"Whore Island": "Whore Island"/"Strip Club Song" by Kutt Calhoun
"Fuckin'": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethmas"
"Fuckin' hooker": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethsiduals"
"Shut up, bitch!": The Rock says shut up, bitch
Trumpet noises: Random internet sounds, The Price is Right
"Women on my dick": "I am Very Super Famous" by Jon Lajoie
"Epic fail": Attack of the Show
High pitched scream: 24thPowerProductions' "Your Shoe's Untied" dub
"(The) vaginal terrorist": Very Super Famous
"You god damn retard!": Easter Nigga
"Fuck, no!": Metalocalypse, episode "Renovationklok"
Last yell: Renovationklok
"A strap-on dildo": Metalocalypse, episode "Murdering Outside the Box"
"What's a...": South Park, episode "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"
"Look at me... I'm a sexy boy!": Freddie Got Fingered, deleted scene
"Shut up": Futurama, episode "Proposition Infinity"
"NOTHING!": Metalocalypse, episode "Birthdayface"
"Oh, shit"(x5): "Beatles Medley" by Tenacious D
"Mothafucka!": "I'm On a Boat" by The Lonely Island
"Ku Klux Klan": "Colt 45" by Afroman
"Gay": Metalocalypse, episode "Fatherklok"
"Dildo": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethsiduals"
"Cocksucka": Deadwood swears
"Aw, shit": "Fred is Dead" (Shane Dawson)
Music and crash: Futurama theme song
"Allah hu-akbar!": Quagmire's Baby (Palestinian Alarm Clock)
"DIE!": "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" by Dethklok
"Suck my dog's dick": "Suck My Dog's Dick" by Wesley Willis
"Big booty bitches": "Big Booty Bitches" by Bombs Away
"I'm a buy an octopus": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethsiduals"
Music at end: "Who Will Take the Blame?" by Daath
"Jungle bunny": The Boondocks, episode "The 'S' Word"
"Get out of here, you belong in a garbage can": Metalocalypse, episode "Fatherklok"
"Do you like setting fire to mentally handicapped children?":
"Spatula Madness"
"I am very super...": Very Super Famous
"Kevin, god damn it!": South Park, episode "Fatbeard"
"Slightly less than I'd like bamboo splinters under my fingernails!": Fred Huggins (The Weird Al Show)
"Oh, lord, this is the happiest day of my life! I think my testicles are dropping!": Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
"Nothing a good butthole massage won't fix": "Terrorphone"
"Bi-atch": Strip Club Song
"You can't hurt me! Not with my cheese helmet!": Freddie Got Fingered, deleted scene
"Fuck my ass and call me a bitch": South Park movie, "Asses of Fire" part
"Lemme feel your balls": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethhealth"
"I need you to kill me": Metalocalypse, episode "Doublebookedklok"
"McDonald's": "Rock and Roll McDonald's" by Wesley Willis

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Spongebob Edited - I Sh*t My Pants - Remastered 5th Anniversary Edition!  -  10:37 232756 / 1073 10:37
Antoine Dodson - The Greatest Television Interview Ever!  -  02:03 65057355 / 181422 02:03
The Zone - Shut Up And Love Me  -  03:59 22944 / 111 03:59
╔ [1MR] Never Gonna Give Brian and Rick╗  -  02:30 929998 / 4216 02:30
The Stupidest Bid on The Price is Right  -  03:12 14220872 / 21331 03:12
Family Guy -- Peter on Wheel of Fortune[HD]  -  01:16 540656 / 989 01:16
Birthday Dethday | Metalocalypse | Adult Swim  -  01:45 634572 / 4089 01:45
most epic wheel of fortune fail ever  -  02:03 2733172 / 2614 02:03
Youtube Poop: Spongebob Forgets the Pickles  -  02:22 343152 / 1124 02:22
Spongebob singing Goofy Goober Rock  -  04:25 6924564 / 33113 04:25